Saturday, September 05, 2009

Getting started is the hardest part!

A beautiful warm summery day here today with bright sun beaming down on my ripening tomatoes!

It's Saturday... house finishing day...
My nephew (senior in HS) stopped by the new house to lend a hand on our house finishing project. He did a little mud work then helped me get started laying tile!

I can't tell you how good it feels to have come this far!!! I've been dreaming about laying tile for months now. I've been looking forward to it... in an optimistic... um... trepidatious kind of way! I was looking forward to it, but had NEVER done it before.

Any, getting started is always the hardest part!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

So quiet, so busy!

The boys are back to school. We're getting into a routine of homework and rising early in the mornings. And I think that they're enjoying it, really!

I'm enjoying the quiet of the house... and NOT having to make lunches for everyone! Am I being selfish?

Aaron gets his band instrument today. When he woke up this morning, he started talking about that... Baritone... that's what he wants to play. Can't imagine him lugging it back and forth to school! Whew...

Matthew's excited to get back to doing Grizz Food Den. That's our high school's student business. The kids run it, keep the books, manage inventory, and shop for supplies. It's a wonderful experience for everyone involved!

We're so close to getting a bathroom together up the new house! We've decided to move out of our tiny tiny tiny... tiny... rental house and move into our "to be finished" big big big... BIG.. house this month.

We're meeting with a guy from the gas company today to determine where our gas meter is going... then will begin doing the gas plumbing... which translated means... HOT SHOWERS!

I'm actually amazed at how warm the water is that is collected in the storage tank from the running of the geothermal heat pumps! That could mean WARM SHOWERS until the gas is connected!

I've moved my office up the new house! And cable, phone, and internet have been set up! My little mac wireless router is working fantastic! It's set up in the basement and here I am in the attic receiving a nice strong signal!

Anyway... no more watching TV at the little rental house... should help us get to it up here!

More details on the house progress on my house blog.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my square foot garden. It has been such a pleasure to garden this year! Garden details can be found on my Square Foot Garden Adventure Blog!

Let me back up a bit... I wanted a garden so that I could can tomato sauce and I wanted it up the new house. Rich couldn't take the time to till the hard ground and make ready a garden for me... of course!!! So, I went to work building square foot garden beds, mixing soil, growing seedlings... etc.

What I love most about my SFG is NO WEEDS! All I've had to do is water and harvest... OK, I have a weed here and there... but with Mel's soil mix... so loose... I just pluck it easily out! Guess you have to know Wyoming Weeds to truly appreciate what I'm saying here.

Next thing to do in the garden after canning season... and tiling... and floor... mudding.. and painting... oh ya... and MOVING... I want to get all the weeds out of the walking paths and all around! So much to do!!!