Saturday, July 30, 2005

Garden yummies....

Rich came in with a bucket of cukes and green beans yesterday. I'm going now to pick some more beets. My father-in-law has been picking red tomatoes the past couple weeks now. I've only gotten one red one so far... but there will be lots soon.

Well, time to get the grill going. I'm going to grill some chicken... and enjoy some fresh garden stuff for supper.

It's been 100 degrees today, so we're just about melting. Oh... big news on the house.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Went to the Park County Fair

We sure had a fun time yesterday at the Park County Fair.

We got the boys bracelets so that they could go on all rides as many times as they wanted. Then there was all the yummy food. We found the most delicious egg rolls there. Rich is considering going back today... just to get some more.

After going to the fair we decided to go see the Willy Wonka show. It was OK...

Today... the guys are back to house building. Come on by here for an update.

Monday, July 25, 2005

My nephew Joe wins the Steer riding!
another picture by Toni

Aaron & nephew Joe on Paint at the rodeo
another picture by Toni

Aaron's Primay float-remember the 50's. Aaron is the cook!
another picture by Toni

Matthew's baseball float-champs 2nd year in a row!
another picture by Toni

This was so cute! Our town museum put this together... complete with Outhouse and laundry on the line.
another picture by Toni

The Relief Society Float "Memories are Stitched with Love"
another picture by Toni

Pioneer Day in my little town...

It's been forever again since my last post....

We've just had our big town Pioneer celebration on Saturday. I'm always amazed at the magnitude of what goes on here in this little town.

I was in charge of the Relief Society float this year. My first ever time. We took a 35 foot gooseneck trailer and transformed it into a Quilting memories extravaganza complete with treddle sewing machine and lots of beautiful quilts. I'll post a picure soon.

Anyway, the day started with the Fun Run. Rich and I were up pre-dawn to set up. Almost 100 people participated... then I was off to make sure that my float got to it's designated place complete with my beautiful quilt queen ladies.... climbing up on the trailer in a dress is not easy!

After the parade it was onto lunch in the park where 350 hungry people where fed BBQ beef or hotdogs. I helped serve while Rich collected money.

Then it was rodeo time!!! Can't miss that!!! So, we all sat in the hot sun and watched our nephew win the steer riding. Way to go Joe! He was so handsome in his cowboy attire complete with chaps, hat, and a pretty shirt.

Family time next as we gathered at sister-in-laws home for BBQ. John made roasted ham and turkey in his roaster on wheels. It was delicious. We sat and visited a while then...

It was time for the Talent Show. Now this is my absolute favorite part of the celebration. There is so much talent here. My favorite number was by a gentleman who grew up here but moved east. With his guitar he sang a song about Wyoming's open spaces... his own creation... it was very moving.

I forgot to mentioned that this was an "all school reunion" too. I didn't go to school here (remember I'm a transplant from Massachusetts... a city girl... gone country!) but I sure did enjoy visiting with everyone.

Which brings me to today... Monday...
Time to dismantle the float. Quilts to fold up... sewing machines to return. Pin to undo... skirting to be removed... chicken wire and lathe which support the skirting... Then we'll be done...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm melting... help!

You can tell that I'm into full swing with summer time stuff... as I haven't posted since last week. Sorry!!

Oh my goodness is it hot today. Got up to 100 something.

Aaron and I spent the afternoon at the town pool which was nice except the water was pretty warm.

I've been chasing hoses around my yard and garden... not minding the spray of water to cool me off. My baby grass in growing in real good. My father-in-law put down a combination of grass seed and oats... the oats grow up faster and shade the baby grass as it gets established.

The garden is blosoming with lots of little tomatoes and tiny cukes and raddishes.... coming up is the corn, carrots, peppers. The Yukon Gold potatoe plants look fantastic... and are now flowering.

Matthew and Rich are just back from an overnight scouting trip at the gateway of the Yellowstone National Park. They're both exhausted! Too much fun like canoeing... and rifle shooting... and I'm not sure what else!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hot already!

It's pretty warm here already at 9am!

We've haven't had any moisture for about a week. My grass is getting mighty thirsty. It's a part-time job just keeping the grass watered... and the garden! My corn was looking a little wilty yesterday.

My heart goes out to the people of London... to those in the community impacted in any way by those acts of terrorism and to those who have been injured. It's just heart wrenching...

Time to get the watering started!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We had a fun 4th of July. Went to Cody for the day. Watched the parade, then headed off to Rich's cousin's for a family BBQ. In the afternoon, my sister-in-law and I went downtown to the crafts fair.

I managed to purchase 4 pieces of pottery to add to my collection, a jar with lid, a utensil jar, a picture, and a flower vase. I like the cobolt blue pieces and the earthy brown colors too!

We're making progress on the house. Stop by here for a visit.

So... how was your 4th?

Friday, July 01, 2005

We're overdue for a fun day!

We'll be off to Billings, Montana this morning. We'll be taking the kids to the zoo.... Haven't been to the zoo since last year. It's a beautiful day... should be fun!!!

I posted lots of new pictures from our cement pour of the basement floor on my house blog.

OK... I'm going to try to sneak in a walk this morning before all my indians wake up!