Saturday, April 30, 2005

As I drove home from Cody yesterday...

As I drove home from Cody yesterday, I had this thought about living here in Wyoming:

Every pickup has a dog in the back...
Every man has his cowboy hat...
Every little boy wants to be a cowboy (see my post from yesterday!)

How is it that those dogs don't just fall out?

Friday, April 29, 2005

Just Aaron and I...

I picked my little guy (Aaron's 7) up at school, just before lunch. We spent the whole afternoon together! Mission... NEW SHOES and NEW JEANS...

Yesterday he was in his bare feet. Oh my goodness... what big feet! His feet are practically as big as mine!

First we went for lunch... China Buffet. Chicken on a stick is Aaron's favorite. On the way to the next stop (1/2 an hour away....) he kept saying... Mommy, I'm so full!

We went to this great shoe place that specializes in boots... this is in Cody, Wyoming. Aaron got a pair of Merrill slip on shoes... then began to oogle at the beautiful boots. OK... we ended up getting cowboy boots too. Then the sparkley belts caught his eye... then the spurs.. .and the cowboy hats... I hope that this child makes a lot of money in his adult years! He loves to look nice. (Yes... he loves convertibles and sporty cars too! This is my 7 year old, we're talking about! Oh my... what will his teenage years bring????)

We also went to the Buffalo Bill museum for a little bit... then off to Walmart... Got some premade subs and chips... had a tailgate picnic before the hour ride home.

I'm tired! But it was fun to spend time alone with him!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

My journey in composting is about to begin...

Rich bought me this composter at Cosco recently. It got put together tonight.

Our soil here is in desperate need of organic matter. Some of it is just thick clay... (it's the most awful stuff when it gets wet... when you step in it... your foot gets consumed by it! Actually, you've got to move fast through it... so you don't get sucked down into it... like quicksand... or at least it feels like that!!!! LOL!)

I actually read the instruction that came with the composter! It says to start out with with leaves, then add some soil, then kitchen scraps.

Tomorrow I'll find a good place for my composter and get it going. Wish me luck!

Oh, my blueberry bushes came the other day. I'm going to plant them near the house in the back of my flower garden. Got any Springy things happening at your place?

New babies...

Down the block there are these adorable little, all black lambs. Oh, they are so cute! I'll post a picture soon. On the other side of town are two fawn colored baby horses... OK.. I'm a city girl.. what do you call baby horses?

The fields are full of lots of newborn calves too. I was visiting a friend recently who raises black angus. There, out her picture window (beautiful view overlooking the pasture land and sand hills!) was a cow giving birth. Wow!

Things are sure looking springy here. I was to Billings, Montana on Monday. Everything was so green! I thought for a brief moment that I was back home in New England... then I came back to my senses as the mountains came into view!

It sure is amazing what a little moisture does to the ground out here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What to cook for supper?

Hmm... What to cook for supper. Ok, I'm in a dinner cooking rut... Guess that I'd better dig out some recipe books and find some interesting recipes.

But now... it's time to make something... but what? Too cold to grill. Actually it would be a good soup day... had I gotten that started earlier...

Are you making something yummy?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rich and I were down the property today (where we're building our home). I looked over at the Pryor Mountains and saw dark ominous clouds.

We worked quickly to get our measuring done as the clouds blew quickly over our heads. I remember thinking that we were really going to get it. Then.. a few drops fell on us... followed by wind... followed by a clear beautiful blue sky.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The wind blew me away...

It so windy here today. Did you hear that gust of wind? I never knew that the wind could be so LOUD! It reminds me of roar of Niagra Falls!

We became lobster people yesterday. No one would put on sunscreen before they headed out! And so we have become (actually... not me! Just the male part of my family) lobster people... bright red! One woman at church announced that out of an act of compassion she was going to buy us a BIG bottle of sunscreen.

Guess what? Today no one wanted to leave the house without putting some on! We have to learn the hard way.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The sun is back! It's just gorgeous today!

Just visited a friend who our is town compost expert. Our soil here has lots of clay and is very alkaline. So composting or amending the soil is really a must. I need to learn more about this... the soil here in Wyoming is NOTHING like the soil back in Massachuesetts!

I'm heading out the door to do some more raking. Got to figure out a good place for my composter too.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Stuck in the mud...

Good morning fellow bloggers from the land of overcast, green, soggy (and really muddy!) Wyoming. Happy Friday to you.

I called a friend and asked if we could come by to visit. They have a new house here in town. She said NO... Then proceeded to tell me why...

They haven't done any landscaping yet... and the cars are stuck in the mud... and if we came to visit... we would TOO be stuck in the mud.

Luckily when the sun DOES come out again (oh... oh... there's a glimpse of it!) things dry up pretty quickly in this dry climate.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Junie B.

Aaron and I have been reading Junie B., First Grader Toothless Wonder. What a great book! I just love this witty character!

We are on day 4 of rain/snow. My bread is getting moldy... My front door is swelling... I feel like I'm back in rainy New England! Not the nice dry WEST!

All we need now is some nice sunshine to get stuff blooming.

My little guy's face is changing. Sigh... He's looking "older." Sigh... He's so cute with all those freckles dotting his face. I keep telling him that I'm going to get a market and connect all his dots! He says, OK... but don't use a permanent marker.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I had Aaron home today. He's got this squeaky voice thing going on. So I decided to keep him home so that he could "rest."

You know... it's so funny... when it gets to be about 10am... sickness dissipates and total wellness sets in!

I looked out my window...

OK, day 2 of snow... I just went to take a picture to post, but my battery had run out of charge. I'll try again in a bit.

I bragged way too much about how beautiful it was here last week. This is day 3 of overcast weather with snow and rain. But... I am NOT COMPLAINING! We've been in a drought situation for several years here. So this moisture is a great blessing... especially as the farmers get their crops planted.

You should see how green everything is now. I just love it! The grass, the fields, the trees all are bright green in celebration of moisture.

The boys had their Spring Concert last night. They sang some really cute songs. This year we got to the school early enough to get front row seating.

Well, that marks the count down till school gets out. I believe that our kids are out on May 25th this year. Then baseball will begin. What did I do with those baseball gloves?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

This is just way too cool!

OK. As I write this blog entry, I am enjoying the sound of birds singing, sunshine, a cool breeze, the smell of my seseme chicken searing on the grill... all outside...

I have a wireless network that I haven't used very much. But it sure is nice to have the option of parking myself outside if the weather is nice... Which... it... is... just wonderful today!!!!

I dug up my flower bed this afternoon. Next... sprinkle some wild flower seeds around...

OK... time for supper. We'll eat outside tonight. How was your Saturday?

Friday, April 15, 2005

Some thoughts as the back door slams shut...

You can tell that the good weather is here when...
  • the kids want to play outside after supper
  • the back door become like a revovling door... kids in... kids out...
  • no one wants to do the raking!

Happy Tax Day...

My mother called yesterday to say how proud she was of us...

Yes... we finished our taxes... DAYS EARLY!

If you're still struggling with your taxes my thoughts and prayers are with you!

What a sweetheart!

My little guy came in the house yesterday with something hidden under his jacket. "Mommy, don't look! I have a present for you. Do you have a box and some tape?"

Box secured and duct tape found... the wrapping began...

I opened the uniquely wrapped box to find a rock, shaped like a heart. What a sweetie!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

As I sat at my computer this morning, I decided that I'd go for a walk first thing...
So I go all washed up... and ready... when... the wind started howling.

Not a light wind... a strong, gusty, cold wind. It continued all day.

Never did get out for my walk...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Hi there!
Does anyone out there do composting? We have clay to sandy soil here in the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming. So, the soil needs amending big time! Actually, it's amazing what does grow here in this desert land with a little bit of raw water.

Would love any tips that you could share on your composting success!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A walk in the country

I was inspired by Mel to take my kids for a walk after school yesterday. It was a beautiful day here in northern Wyoming.

So off we headed down the road, past our property, down the canal road which leads out into the country. Matthew had his bb gun with him and Aaron had a bag of pretzels. As we got going, we wished that we had carried some water with us.

Not long on the trail, the country side opened up. There before us were fields prepared for the season, cows grazing, and this old log cabin off in the distance. Heart mountain's distinctive shape was pointed out by Aaron as well as places that he thought would make good camping spots. There were big trees filled with birds. And lots of animal tracks.

Matthew asked if we could go camping this weekend. Burr... still a little cold for me!

We headed back as we all began to get thirsty.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Ahhh... the sun is shining bright...

Most of the weekend was overcast and rainy. But today, the sun is shining bright and the sky is blue.

How was you weekend? Mine seemed to go by too fast.

The kids are off to school. Everyone was in good spirits this morning. I made the boys whole wheat waffles (with fresh gound white wheat from my Vita Mix!). Matthew eat his two up lickity split... but Aaron decided for whatever reason that he wasn't going to eat his... I also made the boys whole fruit shakes (orange, pinapple, and strawberries with yogurt... and some sugar [I'm easing them into this whole food thingy!]) At least they both drank their shakes up!!!

I got this Vita Mix recently. Been using it to make fruit smoothies, soups, and grind grain for bread. I've wanted one of these for years!!! I saw it demonstated maybe 7 years ago at the Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts. Then Cosco in Billings had them on demonstration and at a really good price... well... I could not be restrained!

OK, off I go to make myself an orange, banana, strawberry, cantalope smoothy. Shall I save some for you?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I updated my blog picture. This was taken on Easter Sunday.

A path thru the Russian Olive Forest... watch out for thorns.
another picture by Toni

Date Night... Friday...

Hello. I was going to say good morning, but heck IT'S AFTERNOON... already.

Rich and I had a fun date night last night. The kids spent much of the afternoon and then all night at grandma's.

Rich and I went for supper at my favorite mexican restaurant. Oh... they have this dish called fried shrimp (which is not really a fried shrimp, but more of a stir-fry deal with mexican spices like cumin...). It comes with red & yellow bell peppers, onions, guacomole, sour cream, refried beans, rice, shredded lettuce topped with diced tomatoes.... and 2 tortillas. It is soooooo goood!

Then we mosied on to Cody for a home show. We gathered up some info and got some ideas for our new house... like... central vacuum... and insulation... There were lots of hot tub vendors there.... wouldn't that be nice!!!

But there weren't any vendors for Air Purification... So maybe next year, I'll venture out and exhibit this . I'm sure that there are some asthma & allergy sufferers around here... sure has helped Matthew a lot.

Then... we treated ourselves to a this movie. It was sooooo goood! I highly recommend it. It's got lots of adventure and humor.

Friday, April 08, 2005, You annoy me sometimes...

OK, yesterday I wrote a nice post. But blogger hick-upped... and now... it's gone...
I won't complain too much because... heck... IT IS FREE! And FREE is good!

Thanks you guys for coming by yesterday and leaving me some comments. I've already gotten my money's worth for this Haloscan comment upgrade thingy.

I made pizza yesterday, a whole cookie sheet of it, partly pepperoni. Well, it turns out that my boys who have been CHEESE ONLY PLEASE... their whole short lives.... have decided that heck... pepperoni is actually pretty good!

We had a pizza picnic yesterday. It was gorgeous out! We attracted all kinds of neighborhood kids to our pizza picnic.... good thing it was a big pizza!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Your comments please!

OK, I paid the $12 for the upgraded HaloScan account. You don't get email notifications of comments unless you "upgrade." So... comment away... so that I can get my $12's worth!!!

Just put a load of towels out on the line. It's a nice breezy day. Now... for... bedding... (arggg...)
Cleaned the kitchen up a bit today. What a difference. Yes, the table is TOTALLY cleaned off!
My husband entered the kitchen and paused... "Wow..."

There's something on my floor that won't come off... could it be super glue? No... couldn't be....

Yes, taxes are almost done. How many days left? 8... OK... I'm sure that we'll "way" beat the deadline!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Cleaned out my wild flower bed this afternoon and the spot where I put my tomotoes. Still feeling ambitious... began to rake the deeply piled leaves in the front yard. Shoot that's hard work!!!

Finished planting the day lillies that my friend gave me. Oh, a neighbor gave me some seeds from his moon flowers. Not sure where to plant them...

Walked with Aaron down to our property at sunset. Sure was pretty. The sky had a yellow tinge to it. We picked out a place for Nanny & Grampy to put their house.

Taxes almost done!!! Yeah!!!! Are you done yet?

Another beautiful day here. In the 70s.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Day Lillies

My neighbor brought over some day lillies for me from her garden over the weekend. It was a gorgeous spring day here... so late afternoon I started digging and planting. OK, I definately have spring fever now!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

The weekly elementary newsletter came home...

The report from Matthew's 5th grade class:

"Due to Mrs. J's efforts to be a mother hen to the incubated eggs, she 'messed' with the thermostat too much and consequently the eggs got too hot over the Easter break...."


Saturday, April 02, 2005

Spring has really sprung!

It's a gorgeous day here today, must be in the 60s. A friend just dropped by to share some lillies with me. I'm going to plant them in a few hours.

Rich and I had a wonderful day yesterday. Spent the day in Billings, Montana. Went for lunch at the Olive Garden... their salad is sooo good! I had eggplant parmesean... yummy!!!

The hard drive on our 5 year+ old iMac is on it's way out. Now this is the computer that has all our tax stuff on it. So we decided to invest in a new one. Got that MacMini... but had problems with it... took it back and spurged on a new pretty iMac. Mac sure makes some good looking computers.... this iMac looks like a big iPod.

How's your weekend?