Saturday, October 09, 2004

65 mph to the grocery store...

My little town doesn't have a grocery store... or stop lights... We do have a Post Office filled with postal boxes (there aren't enough people in town to warrant mail delivery!).

Now, you don't just go to the post office to get your mail. It's a visiting place. A place to catch up with everybody.

Our grocery store is in the next town over about 9 miles away. One late afternoon on a milk run... I realized hey... I can go 65 mph at least 5 miles to the grocery store. As I was thinking about this... a tumble weed blew across my path and nearly scared me half to death!

Back in Boston, there were lots of grocery stores near home and if you did 65mph... you'd be in the hospital. Legal speed limit even on the highways is just 55mph.

Did you know that in Montana on route 90, the speed limit is 75mph?

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