Saturday, October 23, 2004

It's Saturday.

From my flower garden.
Yesterday was a perfect Indian Summer kind of a day. Bright sun... and warm enough to without a jacket. Today is pretty damp... and cool.

Here's a pretty flower from my garden for you.

I'll be heading out to the big city of Billings, Montana today for a Costco run. Rich and the boys will be working down on the property. We're building a house... but we're not quite at the building stage yet... the basement has been dug. We struck water!

Got the drain all done. Hope to get footers going soon. I may create a separate blog for all this house stuff...

Hope your day is warm and sunny!

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Toni said...

We had a cold hard frost this week. I'm so glad that I got some pretty pictures of my wild flowers before the frost killed them.

They look pretty sad now. I'm going to be uploading flower pictures to my picture gallery. Just click on Toni's Pictures to see them.