Monday, October 18, 2004

Where did the mountains go?

Good morning. I'm just back from my walk. It's a little foggy here today... and the mountains are GONE!

The opening of a good book... the day started out as usual until one by one the townspeople began to notice. The spectatular views of the snow encrusted mountains were no where to be seen! This is on clear, bright day....

Ok... back to reality!

Matthew is feeling better. He went to school today. Last night he had a good supper and seemed to have his strength back.

Today I'm posting a link called, Healthy Living Connection, under Entrepreneurial Me. It is one of my entrepreneurial passions...

Here's some problems that Healthy Living Connection has helped me to solve...

  • Run out of energy 1/2 way thru the day and wondering how I'll make it without a nap
  • Wanted to clean the bathroom... but hated the idea of braving the fumes
  • Kiddos who love to eat everything but what's good for them

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