Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The birth of an Amateur Photograph...

Wow! Have you been to Busy Mom's site lately? She's got this really cool new format.

I started framing some of my 8x10 photos. The one of my Halloween kitten is so cool! I just put up the one of the sunset with the tree in the foreground. The colors are incredible!

I'll tell you... having a digit camera is just so much fun. I have this little one... it's small enough that I take it with me everywhere. Hey... you never know when the perfect photo opportunity will arise... like my Halloween Kitty photo.

When I was hmmm maybe 12 years old, my Uncle was visiting us at the cottage we had rented in Eastern Maine (on a lake). He brought his Minolta 35mm camera with him.... and was taking photos of this pretty setting.

He took the time to show me how to work his camera and let me take a few pictures... an Amateur Photographer was born that day!

Got to go help Rich get the footings ready.... so that we can pour concrete this week.


Busy Mom said...

Thanks!! You've got some great pictures.

Toni said...

Thanks Busy Mom! Since I moved to Wyoming... I'm just constantly taking pictures. It's such pretty country here.