Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Have you visited Frog Pond? Great pictures of life on a family farm. Neat stories about animals...

I'm learning to be a country girl. I've lived all my life in the subburbs of Boston. Now, we live in northern Wyoming... in a little town that's not even large enough to warrant a mail man.

But, that's OK! I have 3 horses in the pasture behind my house... and black angus cows down the street... and I own 2.8 acres of quiet. Someday soon, maybe I'll have some chickens... Mostly I just love the quiet!

Tonight was our last class for Love & Logic. I've really enjoyed this parenting class. I've found out that:

  • my parenting style (up till 6 weeks ago!) was that of a DRILL SARGENT. (YIKES!)
  • giving choices like "Do you want to go to bed with the light on or off?", gives my kids some control... AND gets them thinking (instead of arguing!)
  • I have a lot MORE TO LEARN!

Time for bed! Thanks for stopping by!


Stacy said...

You're living my dream. Hubby and I grew up in the country, him on a farm and me on a nature preserve and game commission farms, but we've lived all our married lives in the 'burbs. We would love to someday move to a small place in the country. For now I have a rabbit, poodle, parakeets, hamster and a flock of chickens.

Stacy said...
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