Friday, November 19, 2004

Pony Express...

Guess Kate & I are the only ones who have a favorite Thanksgiving dish. Thanks for the comment Kate!

It's Friday. Wonder what's playing at the movies?

Friday night has typically been date night for Rich and I. It's nice to have a night dedicated to us... without the kiddos...

Would love some good Mexican food.

Hey, when is my Walmart day-after-Thanksgiving flyer going to arrive? Anyone else get their copy? Our TV has been on the blinks... for a while now...

As a matter of fact... When you come to our house... you get to watch PART TV. No... it's
HALF TV. It's very special... LOL!

We're holding out for the big TV sale that Walmart has the day after Thanksgiving. Maybe my flyer is coming by Pony Express.

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