Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Mom, how many more days till Christmas?

Good morning! I was away all day yesterday. When I finally entered my house it was time to cook supper. I didn't even get to my computer again until 12am...

Sorry that I missed my post yesterday. Hmmm... Maybe you're crazy busy like me.

I've been really enjoying the Christmas specials on Hallmark channel. I suggested to my husband that there should be a Christmas channel... Here's the slogan, "All Christmas movies, All the time." He just rolled his eyes!

Off to my busy day.

Note to myself:
Remember to BREATHE!


Stacy said...

We don't have the Hallmark channel, but ABC Family is doing a pretty good job of showing continuous Christmas movies. Dear Daughter and I have been watching a lot of them.

Toni said...

I agree! ABC Family has been playing some good ones too!