Saturday, January 15, 2005

-20 degrees!

Oh my goodness! It's * -20 * degrees here in Northern Wyoming. Burrr....
I let my kittens out last night. When the long haired kitty came in, he had icicles hanging on him. Poor thing!

Would someone please send us some warmth!


Woody said...

Thanks for stopping by The Cheesebee Chronicles, I appreciated your comment. I camp out at Devil's Tower when I visit the Black Hills, and usually travel down I-25 through Wheatland to stop at Eloxite Inc. and pick up lapidary supplies, and I've stopped off in Torrington, WY at a rock shop there on the old highway. I have so many places to explore, only so much vacation from work....and only nine years 'till retirement. Have a great day - woody.

Christine said...

It's FREEZING here in Wyoming, isn't it! They say it's warming up soon. (Which probably means it isn't.)

Stay warm!!