Monday, January 24, 2005

a Salsa Garden?

A Salsa Garden. Got an email from Gurney's today...
Doesn't a salsa garden sound good?

My back entry way faces south. It is the perfect greenhouse in the Spring. Last year, I planted some 40 Roma tomato plants and a few cherrys.

It was my first Spring (and winter... for that matter) in northern Wyoming. I was so missing the color green. (In the Boston area, everything turns such a beautiful lush green in the early spring.) So, as the weather started getting warmer in late-February... my seed planting began.

Forty some pots with baggies on them to help keep the warmth and moisture in... grew into seedlings, then small plants until they were getting too big for my little south side porch.

Planting my many tomato plants was interesting. The ground was so hard! It was like cement! With the help of my husband... who dug 40 holes while I stuck the plants in the ground... After all was done, my father-in-law came by to tell us that we put the plants too close together.... Well....

We just left them that way. Yes, they were definitely too close!!!!!
Those tomatoes made yummy sauce! Many, many quarts of yummy sauce!

This year the garden will be tilled to loosen up the soil. And I won't be so stingy in plant spacing. Gosh, you would think that I was still living in the city!


Woody said...

Deer feasted on my last two gardens, I'll have to plant it nearer to the house so the dog can scare them away. Thanks for stopping by my blog. - woody

Dreaming again said...

When I was kid we had a half acre garden, the deer LOVED it. The radishes in the garden were ALWAYS my job.
After a year or 2, my step dad had me plant the radishes in a square around the whole garden ... he SAID it was to keep the deer away ... now, I was an extremely hyperactive little girl, so much so I was diagnosed as ADHD in 1970!!!! (they didn't call it that then, but that's what it was) So ...whether it was to keep the DEER out of the garden, or ME out of the garden, I don't know ... but you might check into it ...just in case he wasn't just keeping me from tromping on all the other plants.

Christine said...

That sounds so nice. I would love to grow tomotoes and herbs. I've tried many times, but I have such a brown thumb - I can never keep them alive. Maybe I'll try again this year!