Saturday, January 22, 2005

Taco Bell.... Please!!!

It's a bright sunny day here. It seems like spring is on its way. It will be in the 40s & 50s all week.

My little indians are hovering around my computer room wondering what they can have for breakfast... AND... Mom, can we go to Taco Bell for lunch... PLEASE???

Have a fun Saturday with your family. I'll check in later.


Woody said...

The local Cenex is putting up a McDonald's Drive through. I can't believe it. The weather is supposed to improve too. Our January thaw is coming. - woody

Jay said...

Ah, children and their preference for fine dining :)
Enjoy, J.

Dreaming again said...

My youngest would be hollaring for Taco Bell for breakfast!!! would, and has! Great blog, I found you through Cheesebees, by the way.