Monday, January 31, 2005

That darn steer...

Between our house and my in-laws is a large pasture area. Every year they raise one or two steers for beef.

Last summer this black and white steer would find a out of the pasture and take himself to "greener" pastures. One time he was all the out the other side of town!

It was August, hot... in the 90's in the heat of the sun when I was coming home from the grocery to find that cow taking himself on down the road.... In minutes the troops were assembled to retrieve him. I had gate duty.

Being a city girl this was my first time participating in a cow round up. Heck, I thought you could put a rope around his neck and lead him back, you know... like a dog or something. Well, the guys got the cow near the open fence and he started coming toward me.... Yikes! That was a big animal with horns.

All summer long that darn steer would get out. His days became numbered....

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