Saturday, January 29, 2005

This and that on Saturday...

Been relaxing today. Finshed reading my book. Sigh... the next one doesn't come out until this summer.

Matthew has that flu thing that's going around.... He's sleeping now.

Aaron's outside creating trails in the mud to make water move around. And jumping on melting ice. He'll most likely need a bath tonight.

Hmmm.. What to make for supper?

Oh, Aaron just came in to inform us that each of out kittens are up in trees... each in a different tree! Rich just went out to try to coax them down.

Hope that you had a nice day!


Woody said...

Hi Toni! Stopped by to check out your weather pixie. Mine doesn't update very often. I think I'd like more current weather on my screen. - woody

Anonymous said...

from coach steve b
so that is how you got to wyoming. thanks for the update. i am coming to your house for dinner, steak, brocolli onions etc.
we had an ice storm last night. its real pretty now. all over the trees and bushes but not really on the streets. looks like we will get our soccer game in (indoor soccer)yes i am the coach. my daughters play u-12 soccer. we actually have our own website.
by the way, do you have to sign up as a blog (whatever that is)so you are not anyonymous? i read the details and it said possible charges. i just want to say hello. do not need a blog spot. we have a sister team out there the university of wyoming cowgirls in laramie. that is how i came to your site. our name is the international cowgirls united (soccer)
coach steve b

Stacy said...

Sorry to hear Matthew has the flu. Hope it isn't too bad of a case and that he's soon on the mend. We all seem to be healthy again....well, except for a mild cold (me).