Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday is allowance day at my house. The boys get a couple dollars each. The goal is for them to learn money skills...

They also have the opportunity to earn more when I post extra chores on the fridge or when they help us in our pillow business.

Well, Aaron (who is in 1st grade) took on the job of turning 70 pillows at 5 cents each, the other day. So today he came into my office and I gave him his $2 for allowance. Well... he says to me... no Mom, I'm supposed to get $5.50.

His math skills are constantly amazing me!

Oh I went for a walk after lunch and then again before supper. It was about 45 minutes before dusk. Oh the sky was so beautiful... all pink. Everything had a wonderful pink glow. The mountains look incredible at this time of day... in a pink hue.

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Kaarmor said...

The sky here at sunrise was like that the other day. I was simply in awe. It took great effort to turn away, I looked around and asked if other people see this. Then I read this and realized that at least some people do. Thanks for the blog. I really enjoy your tone and experiances.