Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tuesday... Tuesday...

Day 2 with Aaron home. Sick in the morning... but spirited and vibrant... in the afternoon. Hmmm....

Just put him to bed for a nap... we'll see how that goes!

The pillow push is on... Rich and I were outside last night at 9pm hauling stuffing (30 pound bags almost as tall as me!) out of the enclosed trailer into the house... then hauling bags of 20 pillows each into the trailer. My house was so full of pillows that I couldn't get into my fridge!

Needless to say... my weight loss program was put on hold for supper time (OK, I had some Dominoes Pizza!). That said... I'm back on track today!!!

I'm running my first EVER newspaper advertisement for my Shaklee business. Wish me luck! It will run for the next 4 weeks in the surrounding towns.

Back to bagging.... How are you today?

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Tim said...

Good luck on your business you ex Massachustts person!!! Wyoming is cool. Stopped once in Sheridon. Drove the highway through. Hope it goes well.