Friday, February 25, 2005

Yeah... Friday!!!

Good morning friends!

Today the boys are off from school today for a mini vacation. Now... here's what's very interesting... The past 2 days, it's been a struggle to get them out of bed before 7am. So, I told them last night to go ahead and sleep in as they didn't have school in the morning.

Well.... it must have been 6:30am when I hear the piddle paddle of feet walking about!

I'm happy to report that this is my last day to sew up pillows. I've got 32 in the final stages. I'm going to employ my boys to help me tag, strap, and bad the piles of pillows we've finished (you should see our living room... piles of pillows!!!!).

Tonight... if we can find a sitter...
Rich and I will go for dinner and a movie. It will be a well deserved break!


Mel said...

Good for you! You two need a night out! I'm so jealous!!

Congrats on losing more weight. I am so proud of you!

Jan said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Doesn't it just figure that the kiddos were up before normal on a non-school day. That type of thing happens to teachers, too. I hope you are enjoying a date night right now! :)