Thursday, March 24, 2005

As my son Matthew was begging to go out to eat (my cooking can't be THAT bad!)... Taco Bell... Chinese food... Pizza... I noticed his beautiful eye lashes. I don't know... they just seem so long tonight...

Why do boys have the most beautiful long, black eye lashes? It's just NOT fair!

sweet potato (I'm the only one who would eat it)
salmon burger (for me)
salad... (me again..)

It's been lightly snowing most of the day here. But most of it has been absorbed by the dry soil. The mountains have a nice fresh blanket of white. It's so pretty!

Grandpa brought the horses from the farm to the pasture between our houses. Actually, there's a large pasture behind our little house too... all connected... I like looking out my kitchen and office windows and seeing them grazing... (Maybe I would just take this for granted had I grown up here... but... remember... I'm a city-girl (from Boston) gone country... so all this country stuff still mezmerizes me!

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