Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Burrr... cold... day....

It's been windy and on the cool side here in northern Wyoming. It's storming up in the mountains.

No walk today... too cold... (Am I a whimp or what?)

It's just after supper here. We had tacos, a family favorite. It'll be time to put Aaron to bed VERY SOON... Matthew has a scout meeting tonight.

Our iMac(at least 5 years old now) hard drive is going.... Rich bought one of those MacMinis.. it keeps freezing up on him. What a pain! It's going back to the store tomorrow. Apple support said that the RAM may be a problem. Hmmm... Another trip to Billings, a 180 mile round trip at $2.07/gallon for gas...

Time to put little guy to bed.

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