Sunday, March 13, 2005

Rich is HOME!

Greetings loyal visitors at the kitchen table!

Ah.... Rich is home!!! He got in last night around 9pm. It's so good to have him home. I didn't realize how anxious I was during his trip. The boys too!

I feel settled again....

Just spoke with my Dad in southern, New Hampshire. They got another foot of snow from that storm yesterday. New England has sure had their fair share of snow this year!

We even had snow, sleet, and rain yesterday. For a while it looked like a blizzard here in northern Wyoming... But by later in the afternoon, the ground had soaked up all the moisture, and the snow was all gone.

I haven't been for my walk for a few days now... And I sure feel it!

Time to get ready for church. Have a nice Sunday. May it be peaceful and relaxing!

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Woody said...

Good to read that everything went OK! Have a good Sunday and keep on truckin'.