Friday, March 18, 2005

where have I been?

Tuesday was parent/teacher conference afternoon. I just love this little town.... with teachers that actually live in the community (for the most part). Country life is very much agreeing with our boys!!

Each parent/teacher conference was very enjoyable with lots of positives... both boys are doing very well this year. Whew....

I could have had a whole blog last year... all about Aaron and kindergarten... I used to cringe everytime the phone rang... it was school... and Aaron would be having a tough day....

But... he's doing great this year!!!

Wednesday was Matthew's birthday.... but I was in charge of a big dinner at church... the next day... Thursday.. was recovery day... for me... Oh, I also managed to squeeze in... getting my hair done!

Thursday (yes... that was yesterday...OK...), Grandma made Matthew his favorite meal of fried chicken and mashed potatoes. I made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosing (which ended looking like um... throw-up!) and covered it with ground up oreo cookies and gummy worms. I know... it doesn't sound appetizing but remember, we're talking about an 11 year old here!

Friday... went to the health fair blood drawing thingy. They got 2 tubes worth from me for various tests....

Tonight is DATE NIGHT!
I signed us up to go to a lecture at the college. The ABCs of Renewable Energy. The gentleman who is giving this one night lecture put a 10KW wind turbine near his home... generates all the electricity for his home with it... and with the extra... he sells that back to the electric company. Woody, I know that you'd love this class!! Anyway, we're both looking forward to it.

That's my life for this week! How's it going with you?

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Mel said...

Yeaahhhhh for date night! I hope you two had a great time!

I love dirt cake...isn't that what they call it? It's so yucky looking, but so yummy! ;)

To answer your question on my blog (Now that I have Haloscan, I miss being able to e-mail people back directly. :( )...our house isn't on the market yet. We're shooting for April 15. We're meeting with our new realtor Monday - so we'll see where we're at with everything.

Have a great weekend!