Saturday, April 09, 2005

Date Night... Friday...

Hello. I was going to say good morning, but heck IT'S AFTERNOON... already.

Rich and I had a fun date night last night. The kids spent much of the afternoon and then all night at grandma's.

Rich and I went for supper at my favorite mexican restaurant. Oh... they have this dish called fried shrimp (which is not really a fried shrimp, but more of a stir-fry deal with mexican spices like cumin...). It comes with red & yellow bell peppers, onions, guacomole, sour cream, refried beans, rice, shredded lettuce topped with diced tomatoes.... and 2 tortillas. It is soooooo goood!

Then we mosied on to Cody for a home show. We gathered up some info and got some ideas for our new house... like... central vacuum... and insulation... There were lots of hot tub vendors there.... wouldn't that be nice!!!

But there weren't any vendors for Air Purification... So maybe next year, I'll venture out and exhibit this . I'm sure that there are some asthma & allergy sufferers around here... sure has helped Matthew a lot.

Then... we treated ourselves to a this movie. It was sooooo goood! I highly recommend it. It's got lots of adventure and humor.

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