Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I looked out my window...

OK, day 2 of snow... I just went to take a picture to post, but my battery had run out of charge. I'll try again in a bit.

I bragged way too much about how beautiful it was here last week. This is day 3 of overcast weather with snow and rain. But... I am NOT COMPLAINING! We've been in a drought situation for several years here. So this moisture is a great blessing... especially as the farmers get their crops planted.

You should see how green everything is now. I just love it! The grass, the fields, the trees all are bright green in celebration of moisture.

The boys had their Spring Concert last night. They sang some really cute songs. This year we got to the school early enough to get front row seating.

Well, that marks the count down till school gets out. I believe that our kids are out on May 25th this year. Then baseball will begin. What did I do with those baseball gloves?

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