Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It's raining... it's pouring...

Good morning fellow bloggers!

Unbelievably... it is raining yet again! I say this with amazament because we honestly don't EVER get this much rain!

6 days of school left.

Rich and Matthew have been working on his science fair project. It's a maze of lights. You have to figure out which buttons to push to get the lights to come on. Matthew just loves this stuff!

Rich and I were tossing and turning last night because... well... it wasn't working!!! And all the light bulbs have been burned out!!!

I woke up at one point and said out loud... you've got to test it using that testing thing. Rich who was also awake, got up out of bed and got back to work on the project... Today it's working!!!

Thursday is the science fair!

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