Friday, May 13, 2005

To Billings we go...

Oh my goodness.... my little guy was so poky this morning. doddle... doddle... doddle... till he was just about late for school!

He and I are headed to Billings, Montana this morning. He's having a hearing test done... been failing the ones at school...

Of course, we'll have to go to Cosco... and Walmart... and JoAnn's Fabrics... and go for a meal somewhere... It's a 90 miles trip one way to Billings!

We live out in the boon docks! I love it that way... but it means lots of driving to get to the big stores.

Just for my women friend blog readers!
I recently listened to a wonderful audio called "What do Women Want? Top 7 Concerns"
It's about dealing with PMS stuff. You know what I mean! If you find this at all helpful... would you let me know?

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