Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ball games.

Going to be a hot day in the high 90s here.

Well, last night was Aaron's last Tball game for the season. We so enjoyed watching the kids play. How exciting it is to see the kids progress... hit the ball... catch the ball... and work together as a team.

At a game recently, Aaron was playing 3rd base when a ball came right at him. He used his body (probably NOT intentionally!) to stop the ball then threw it to the picture. You should have seen the surprised expression on his face!

Matthew's team is leading in the league. They've finished the regular season and are now in the play-offs. Tonight is the 1st play-off game.

Afternoons are getting really hot here. Thank goodness that the humidity is low. I can't stand the humidity back east!

OK, time to get to work. Hit the comment link and tell me how your summer is going.

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