Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ring the bells...

I was walking through my garden and there... hidden... were two ripe red tomatoes(this is the bell ringing part)! I'm about ready to slice them up and enjoy... all myself! OK, would you like a piece?

It's a rainy night. A wonderful rainy evening. We sure need this rain. Been real dry here for about a month. Thank goodness for our irrigation water. It's what keeps this dry land green with vegetation.

I'm also greatful for the cooler temperatures of this week. It was in the 100s last week! This week in supposed to stay in the 80's... much better house building weather!

The boys are enjoying the last days and weeks of their summer. Each day some time is spent at the "property" moving dirt or lumber for Daddy... then there's the pool... and the summer Enrichment program... and just hanging out with friends and cousins.

The kids go back to school on Aug. 23rd. I've scheduled hair cuts. Next will be clothes shopping... and oh yea... school supplies...

This is totally off the subject...
I have one sample left of this instant firming serum stuff. It's sitting here on my desk. I use it around my eyes and lip line. Now that I'm 40... I'm paying more attention to those little wrinkles!!!

Would you like it? Fill out this thing and write "Send that last sample of Enfutox to your blogging buddy"... and I'll send it along! Sorry I have only one left!

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