Friday, November 04, 2005

Good morning...

Well, thanks for stopping by. Take a seat at my kitchen table. Would you like some hot cocoa or some herbal tea? Happy Friday!!!

Excuse the dishes... they seem to just keep growing not matter how many times they get washed.

I think that I'll have an Energy drink this morning. I need a boost. Maybe you'd like one too? Rich has been working me pretty hard on that house. We moved a pallet and 1/2 of that heavy chip board yesterday. Things are coming right along, though! We'll have to celebrate when the roof goes up!!!

2nd floor is almost all framed up. Hope to finish it today. Come on by for a visit!

Not as cold out today. Should be quite nice by this afternoon.

We're all getting our hair cut at 1pm today. We are all turning into hairy beasts! Especially me!! I just can't stand it another day!!!!

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