Monday, December 05, 2005


The snow is falling in fine snow flakes. If I was back home in Massachusetts, this type of snow would accumulate into mounds requiring snow blowers and shovels to remove.

But, here in northern Wyoming... it doesn't seem to amount to much. I've got my broom ready to sweep the walk when it's all done.

This is my 3rd winter here. My first winter was very dry and at times cold. Last winter, we had a light blanket of snow throughout most of the winter. This year seems to be much the same.

My husband (he grew up here) says that when he was growing up there would be feet of snow. But the weather seems to have turned more mild and dry since then.

Massachusetts has been hammered since I left in Fall 2003. I sure don't miss all that shoveling!

I do miss the homes all bright with lots of Christmas lights and decorations.
I do miss going into Boston to see the window displays. Downtown was especially pretty this time of year.
I do miss the earthy pine smell of pine bows lining the pews of the Congregational Church that I attended when I was young.
I do miss those Pizzelle cookies that my Italian neighbor used to make at Christmas time.
I do miss all the Christmas Parties at my neighbor's homes.
I do miss going to Mom and Dad's for Christmas Eve. We'd enjoy shrimp and fish chowder... and all kinds of wonderful food.
I do miss Aunt Shirley's New Year's Day Party with all that yummy food and being surrounded friends and family.

OK, let me wipe my tears and gain my composure here. I guess that I miss home at this time of year.


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