Thursday, June 04, 2009

4 white 55 gallon drums...

We're pretty lucky to have a Pepsi bottling plant not too far away.

Did you know that you're able to buy their used 55 gallon drums for $10? Awesome!!!

Well, I got on the waiting list about a month ago... and today I got the call. I rushed over and purchased 4 white drums.

For what... you ask???

1. To make a DIY rainbarrel... or two....
2. To store my 50 pound bags of wheat berries
3. To store my bulk rice
4. To store my bulk oats

Hmm... I may need some more of those drums... for EXTRA rain barrels!!! ; )


Rachelle T. said...

$10 bucks isn't that got a pretty good deal!

Toni-zone 4 WY said...

Hey Rachelle T!

I know!!!! It's fantastic... and recycled!!!

Now... to make some into rain barrels... and some into food storage containers!

My husband wanted to know if I could get more!