Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Friday...

Happy Friday!!! It's house building day!

We have a sore boy today. All his medication has worn off... and it just hurts.... Time for some more medicine... but first to get the boy to eat something!
It's a beautiful sunny day here. I just love the sun!

All around town irises are in full bloom. They are absolutely gorgeous this year! The purple irises are absolutely stunning! YES, I'll take some photos to post! My neighbor offered to share some of his when we're ready!

I'll be heading up the house shortly... got to take a peek at my garden! Should be able to pick some more radishes today! And plant some more.

Rich will be home shortly and we'll be working on the house today. Will install the shower on the first floor.

But now... time for quick breakfast... and to get going!


Mary said...

Toni, the day after surgery is usually the worst. I hope it passes quickly and he gets back to being himself. I was looking at your house. I love all those windows, but I'd hate to have to wash them :-). Blessings...Mary

Toni said...

Hi Mary!
Thanks for stopping by!

Aaron's having a good snooze now!

Thank you for peeking at my house. I love all the windows... we have fantastic views of mountains all around... and I love lots of open space and light... By the I finish washing all the windows... I'll be an expert at it!