Saturday, June 20, 2009

A longing for the country...

It's another beautiful day here in Wyoming. Blue skies with a slight breeze. The weather man had forecasted thunderstorms... rain... possibly and it still might happen later... but until then I delight in the beautiful sunshine!


I grew up in Massachusetts just north of Boston. We lived in a city with lots of people from all over the world. My neighbors on one side were Italian and on the other side, they were from Israel.

What a great experience to live in that place with all it's culture and diversity. I loved going into Boston... to the Museum of Science... the Aquarium... and into Fanueil Hall. Wonderful restaurants with delicious food were taken for granted...

My folks came from the country... eastern Maine and just over the Canadian boarder. We got to visit there. I have memories of traveling by car across route 9 known locally as the Airline to visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving.

I remember my grandfather's huge garden... eating beat greens is what I most remember!

This is where my dream of country life began... a longing deep within my soul.

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Mary said...

...and dreams can come true :-). I think there is a place deep within all of us that longs for the quiet of the country. Blessings...Mary