Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eat your veggies!

Everyone's done eating and the food is mostly gone... but wait... didn't anyone have any corn? Why do I have SO MUCH corn left over???

Is it only my family that can't seem to eat 1 can of veggies for dinner? Should I enforce the "No one leaves the table until the vegetables are all eaten"... RULE?

Here's what I'm going to do with all my left over veggies!

1-Veggie collection! I'm going collect all the left over veggies into the fridge or freezer.
2-SOUP! Each week, we're going to enjoy a homemade soup... AND use up those leftover Veggies!

Any other ideas... please DO post in comments!


Sue said...

Maybe you could try frozen? Don HATES canned corn, peas, etc....but gobbles up the frozen.
Soups a great idea for leftovers.
I also throw veggies in chicken or beef pot pies, and stews (which, duh-I guess IS soup, isn't it?LOL)

Toni said...

Hi Sue! Happy Saturday! YES! Will try frozen veggies with my garden produce next year!
Personally, I love FROZEN PEAS.. but somehow my hubby has it in his head hat he doesn't like them. Well... the garden will change that!!!

Pot Pie! I was thinking about making that today... great idea!

Mary said...

Till you can replace canned with frozen the soup is a wonderful idea.