Thursday, October 29, 2009

No one eats the bread ends...

Do you have bread bags with the bread ends in them? No one will eat those bread heals right?

Well, I love them toasted with jam... but as I was making my homemade meatballs yesterday... and NOT having any ready made bread crumbs in the house... I decided to grab those bread ends... toast them... whiz them in the blender... and use them as my bread crumbs!

So don't throw away your bread ends!!!

Toast them.
Blend them into tiny bits.
Store in a jar for your next batch of homemade meatballs... or meatloaf... or breading on chicken... or fish... or????


Mary said...

They can also be thrown in the canister with brown sugar to keep it soft.

Sue said...

Good thinking on making bread crumbs. I always forget how easy it is to make them though I never have bread ends-hubby loves them!

Toni said...

Great idea Mary!