Saturday, November 07, 2009

My Katie girl is BACK!

Katie (beige) & Fluffy (black)
Charlie (little white fluff ball at 4 weeks old)
Emma (approx 8 weeks old)
My Katie girl... my shadow!
So... off we were heading to Billings this morning when we got down the street near the house we were renting... when a cat looking just like my Katie girl crosses the street and stops in the yard looking at the truck.

I jump out of the truck to see if it was my Katie girl who has been missing for 3 weeks....

She was very timid. Missing her collar... and wasn't so sure about me : (...

We turned right around and brought her home and put away the kittens to give her some space. As soon as she entered our new home... downstairs she went... straight to the food bowl. YUP! That's Katie alright!

She's a little thinner, but in very good health. I think that someone had her all this time. She was lost... went back to the old place... and someone (who??? I don't know!) took her in not knowing how much we were missing her!

So... now we have 4 cats! Yes, I most certainly must be the... Cat Lady....

With our youngest son (almost 12) to watch over all cats... off we went to Billings.
On the Walmart list:
Cat Food
Kitten Food
Cat litter (Feline Pine is my favorite!)
and... an addition litter box!

It'll take a while for all of our cats to get adjusted to one another....

I'm so very very very pleased to have my Katie girl... my shadow... back!!!!


Sue said...

Wow, that's great, Toni. Who would have thought after all that time.
I'm so happy for you I won't say a WORD about being the cat lady!

brian said...

your kitties are too pretty!

Toni said...

Thanks Brian!

They are a lot of fun!