Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Costco trip.... the List...

We live in rural Wyoming. I love it!

I'm from Boston... so I have a true appreciation for the country!

Costco? Yes we have one... in Billings, MT. About 90 miles away!

So going to Costco or to Billings... it's an all day event! Why? Because one can't just go to Costco... one must bring also your list for Walmart... Lowes... and ONE MUST also go to the book store!!!!

When it takes you almost 1 1/2 hours to get to your shopping metropolis... you must make a comprehensive list... AHEAD OF TIME!

When I lived in the city... max... 20 minutes from just about everything... a list wasn't so important... because if I forgot something... I could just go back later.

Anyway, we DID go to Costco. Man I love that store! But why does each item that goes into my cart cost $10 or MORE? And WHY can't I get out of that place for LESS THAN hundreds of dollars? Whew...

Well, that's it!!!! The BIG monthly grocery shop is DONE!

Got to go and deal with bulk meat breakdown... bagging... freezing...


Mary said...

Putting things away must be exhausting :-). You live in beautiful country and you sound very happy.

Toni said...

We were lucky to have the help of our 12 year old who was still up at 10:30pm.

Still have to put non-perishables away on the pantry shelves!

Thank you Mary! It's so pretty here! Sometimes when I'm driving I find myself mentally pausing in awe of the beauty of this place!