Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big day today for the Middle School kids

Just got Aaron (6th grade, age 12) out the door. He had to meet the school bus before 7am this morning.

It's a big day for Middle schoolers all around today. It's Showalter day at Northwest Community College. More details... here.

All middle schoolers learn to play an instrument and sing in choir. TODAY, they get to perform individually or in small groups in front of a judge!

This performance represents a significant portion of their music grade!

Let the instrument playing and singing... begin!!!

And so off Aaron went all dressed in his black dress shoes, black socks (yeah!), black dress pants, white shirt with red tie! Very handsome!

Aaron will perform a Trombone piece with 2 other trombone players in his school.

Break a leg kids!!!!

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