Thursday, September 09, 2010

Puttering around the kitchen...

I love puttering around the kitchen, don't you?

I just finished steam juicing some PLUMS that my Mom gave me... and now I'm thinking about making Plum Jelly!

Then I was looking at my basket of tomatoes from the garden.. and decided to go find my food dehydrator that's just fresh out of storage (since 2003!).

What a mess!  My dehydrator was so dirty... well... 7 years of yuck!  So, I took it all apart, and got it all washed up using the same cleaner stuff that  I wash my veggies with!

So now I have my little cherry tomatoes drying away... to be enjoyed in stir fries and soups in the dead of winter!!!!

And then I decided to slice up some of my Viva Italias... and get them dried up too!

And continuing with that line of thought.... why not some apples too?

OK... now to search for my Blue Ball canning book!  I've got to make Plum Jelly!

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