Monday, November 29, 2010

Mission... use up left overs...

Hope that you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends!  I'm on a mission... that's a "use up left overs" mission!

The Turkey Pot Pie before it went into the oven.
In the works:
Turkey Pot Pie
Ham & Bean soup
Quiche Lorraine

We've been enjoying left over turkey, ham... and all the fixings!  Gosh, I think that we had enough food for 30 people even though we only had 16!

Today for my husband's lunch I made a nice sandwich of ground up some left over ham, mixed in some dill relish, celery, mayo topped with a nice piece of curly leaf lettuce on 9 grain bread.  I know... he's totally spoiled!

But for tonight, I've made up a Turkey Pot Pie and that used up a bunch of the dark meat. What's left of the dark meat is now in the freezer.

I've got some friends coming over for lunch tomorrow... and we're going to have ham & bean soup!

Tomorrow night I'll be making a couple quiches!  That will use up some of the extra ham. I've got company coming over for dinner!  Quiche is such a lovely dish to share!!!  We'll have quiche and salad!

Oh boy... Tuesday's going to be a wonderful busy day!!!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Great ideas for leftovers, especially the turkey pot pie, Yum!!!

Sue said...

I like the leftovers better than the original meal. Quiche? I never thought of that one---good idea, Toni!

I've got a pot of soup on now from leftovers....and the smell is just heavenly. You're a better person than me--I'm NOT sharing it!

Toni-Shaklee Distributor said...

Thanks "from beyond my kitchen window!"

Hi Sue! I can just smell you soup!