Monday, December 20, 2004

It's a windy, snowy day here. We got a light dusting of snow. A white Christmas would be really nice!

Good morning friends. Today is the boys' last full day of school, followed by a half day on Tuesday... then Christmas break until the new year. So... I've got to get my presents wrapped TODAY! I've been going to do it at night, but then I start watching a Christmas special like Once upon a Christmas... then Twice upon a Christmas on Hallmark channel(which didn't get over until 1am!) and whammo... night gone.

Little town, Wyoming life...
Downtown the light poles are decorated with wrapped lights of various colors. Many of the homes are adorned with those blown up, lighted Snowmen or Snow families. There's this one little house near the lumber yard... that house with the sign, "DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAY", aptly has a Grinch at his front door. It's a funny site!

Well, I best be off to get my day rolling.

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