Sunday, December 19, 2004

It's been a little while since my last post. I've been caught up in the wonder of the Christmas season.

Christmas cards are all done and sent along with an update on what our family's been doing over the past year.

There are still many unwrapped gifts. Tonight would be a good time for wrapping. I'm waiting to receive a few gifts that I ordered online.

Both kittens have been really good around the tree. Cuddles has been unwrapping Rich's gift. He like to tear paper... it seems. Speaking of our kittens. Fluffy was lost yesterday. The boys found him in one of the big cottonwood trees--way up high. After almost an hour of "coaxing", we finally got him down.

We continue to watch the Christmas shows on TV. Last night there was a nice one, I think that it was called An Angel in the Family. Matthew and I watched it together while I folded laundry and he folded socks (it was nice to have his help!).

No snow here. Actually, it's been pretty mild. Cold in the morning, but pleasant by afternoon. I hope that we have some snow for the kids during Christmas break!!!! Could anyone send us some?

I'm singing in the church choir today for our special Christmas program. Have a nice Sunday.

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