Tuesday, December 14, 2004

We put up our little fresh Christmas tree last night. It looks pretty with its multi colored lights and paper chains.

I'm going to get some candy canes to go on the tree today.

Unfortunately, our ornament box didn't make the move across country. It must still be in my parent's basement. :(...

Wrap Mom & Dad's gifts (they need to be mailed across country!)
Make some more xxxxxx (I can't say because the gift recipients might read this! Sorry!)

When is the DISH FAIRY coming, the one that magically does the dishes for me? That's what I want for Christmas!

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Stacy said...

I bet your tree is lovely. Some of our nicest trees (in my opinion anyway) were those in the early days of our marriage when we didn't have a lot of decorations, but always had a massive live tree. We'd string popcorn and paper chains and use what we had...I've tied Matchbox cars, toy tractors and stuffed animals on the branches at various times. A little cotton batting stretched along the branches can give you the effect of snow and you can always hang cookies. Enjoy your simple tree. It will probably stand out in memories as one of the special ones.