Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Just treated myself...

I'm back from treating myself to a highlight. In my mind, I'm blonde, but after having children my hair turned more of a brown with golden highlights with a few "silvery white" hairs hiding out.

I was just out looking at my wild flower garden and cut some seed pods into an envelope. I'm going to send some to my mother for her garden. Shhhh, Dad, don't tell her... it'll be in with her Christmas gifts.

I'm almost done with my Christmas cards. I ran out of cards and I think that I'll need more stamps too. You know, I just love receiving cards from family and friends. It's such a nice tradition to remember old friends... to keep in touch.... at least once a year.

I bought a pine scented candle that I just love. It reminds of Christmas Eve service at the Protestant church where I attended with my family as a child. Every Christmas they would decorate the chapel pews with pine bows and red candles. It was just magical! There were big arched windows adorned with red velvet curtains and in between them were fresh pine wreaths. But the wonderful smell of pine.... hmmmm... it means Christmas to me!

Have a wonderful day! Remember to breathe and to enjoy these last few days before Christmas... even through the hectic scheduling... and shopping... and....

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