Thursday, January 27, 2005

From Boston to Wyoming....

Coach Steve was wondering how I came to be living here in Wyoming.... so far from my roots in the subburbs of Boston, Massachusetts.

Well, I married a cowboy. Rich grew up in this little town here in Northern Wyoming. We came to visit every couple years. But it wasn't until I had my oldest son... and saw him playing so freely here in the country.... that I began to have thoughts of relocating.

With each successive visit after that... secretly I would ponder if it was time for a change. I would say to myself... "could I live there?" It seemed that with each trip west, I would leave a piece of me there.

Then our second son was born. And watching my boys play there in the country with their cousins... And I began to fall in love with the fresh air... the quiet... the peacefulness... the mountains.... the charm of that little town.

Our little guy turned 4 years old. In one year he would be going into Kindergarten. That summer, I packed up my boys and traveled across country... we camped and had a wonderful adventure... arriving at grandma & grandpa's some 2500 miles away.

The purpose of this trip....
Could I live there in that tiny, country town? Could I live in Wyoming? It would be such a drastic change!

Maybe our family could live in the next biggest town. I drove endless hours around that town. The houses were so close together. I kept wondering why they would be so close when there was so much open country all around them.

No, the charm of the little town that my husband grew up in was what I really wanted.... a little country town complete with pastures, horses, cows, and chickens running around... and space to breathe.... and a town pool... and a park...

That trip was a turning point for me. I headed back home to Massachusetts but left my heart in northern Wyoming. I was sold. This was the life that I wanted for my family.

Now we head East in the summer. We visit all our friends, go to our favorite beaches, museums, and restaraunts. We get our fill of city life, then return home to the country.


Woody said...

I agree with your conclusion about living in a small town. I wouldn't have it any other way either. - woody

Jim Kealing said...

Hi Toni,

Thanks for visiting again, and for your help with getting my counter! I am still struggling with Extreme and posting my pictures, but hope to get there this weekend!

Your comments today bring back all sorts of feelings for me. I grew up in Kansas and wandered through many very small towns when I used to drive my 7up truck as my part time summer job, AND on "road trips" when I was in college. Every year, a group of us guys would get together for a week in a town of 300 and have a blast!

I love the small towns and wish I could move back to one in the Midwest when I get a chance. I married a Southern California girl and she's an only child, and my daughter is an only grandchild to my wife's parents so it looks like I'm here for awhile.

I will live vicariously through your comments. Keep them coming!

Toni said...

Hey Jim,
For posting pictures, take a look at The Cheesebee Chronicles ( Woody uses a free product called Hello. Click on the little flower sign under his picture.

Good luck! Thanks for your comments.

Mel said...

You make me want to live in Wyoming! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. :)