Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hello! It's going to be a busy day for me here in cowboy town.

It's the end of the month. Where did my month go? All of a sudden it's the last week of the month! Shoot!

I was in touch a good customer in Massachusetts yesterday. They are burried in snow. She told me that the kids haven't been back to school yet and as if the 2 1/2 feet of snow wasn't enough... there's snow drifts. And more snow coming their way today!

Does anyone remember the blizzard of 1978?

I've spent one whole year here in Wyoming now... after living my whole life in Massachusetts... in a subburb of Boston on the north side... The winters are not bad here! A little cold and a little snow... then the warmth of spring followed by beautiful dry long summer days.


Woody said...

During the Blizzard of '78 I was deep under hoods and hoists fixing cars on the sunny Central Coast of California. Congratulations on your first year in the West. Our first year in Minnesota was really tough for my wife. I can relate. Have a great day. - woody

Christine said...

I was a little young in '78 to remember much, and I was living in...Cody at the time. The winters really have been mild here in Wyoming compared to what I remember. I lived in Evanston in 1983 I think it was, and I remember very deep snow. The snow my parents shoveled off of the driveway and onto the yard was up over our heads. It seems like that use to be normal, and now we just gets storms now and then that quickly melt.

Two years ago we were living in Denver when they got dumped on - I believe we had 4 feet. My husband was actually snowed into his vehicle over night trying to help his employees get home.

Jim Kealing said...


The blizzard of 1978 is one I will always remember! I was in school at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS and I remember that was the year where it snowed SO MUCH and never got above 32 degrees night or day from New Year's Eve to March 15! There was never a winter like it before or after in Kansas!

Can I impose on your for a little help to get my Extreme Tracker code copied to my site? I can't quite figure out which part of the Code to copy and where to paste it if other than my browser. What am I missing?

I know it's a busy day for you so please respond at your convenience if you don't mind! Best, Jim

Toni said...

Hey Jim,
I took a look at my template. I pasted mine before at the very end of the sidebar stuff but before the end of the div. Hope this helps!

Jim Kealing said...

Thanks Toni! This blogging stuff is fun...and addictive! JK

Toni said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

just read your comment. i have been looking into wyoming because our sister soccer team is the university of wyoming cowgirls. anyway my wife is from mass. somerset mass. lots of kin folk, brockton mass, seekonk mass etc. now you are in wyoming
coach steve b
richmond va

Toni said...

Welcome my Massachusetts friend!
I love it hear in Wyoming. There are lots of MA transplants in our little town. Which is kinds of funny!

We lived on the north side of Boston, in Melrose. A quaint victorian looking town. My husband worked in Boston, we hardly ever got to see each other through the week...

Now, here we are... we sold our Melrose colonial house bought 2.8 acres and are building a house together... in a rural little town of almost 600 people.

Hope that you visit again!

Anonymous said...

hello toni
i have never blogged. just as i am starting to get into it my son needs to do homework. if you sign in what happens? who gets your email? just cautious. would love to hear how you ended up in wyoming. right now sounds wonderful. my wife would think i lost my mind.
coach steve b
richmond va

Toni said...

Hi Coach Steve!
I get an email notification of your post. It's good to be a little cautious!

Just put my kiddos to bed. Good luck with the homework!

You might want to visit Wyoming as a family and check things out. I'll write a post hopefully tomorrow about my journey here. Good night!