Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I finally feel like I'm back into the swing of things... post sickies... post holidays...

My friend and I were out for a nice walk. It was a bright, sunny, springy day here. The warmth on my face from the sun felt so good! We took our favorite route out toward the country.

Is anyone interested in stocks? I've been reading the Big Risk, Big Reward blog. I've always been fascinated with this stuff, but really don't understand all the ins/outs or inbetweens (for that matter!). Check it out. Tell Jim that Toni sent you.

When I'm here in my study, getting my sewing done (I make breastfeeding pillows mostly sold here), I love to listen to the archived commentary of Jim Cramer at TheStreet.com.
I love all that finance stuff.

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Woody said...

I learned early on, invest in the stock market only money that you can afford to lose. I've watched people at work lose half their 401(k) accounts because of this last hiccup in the market. I've always invested conservatively. Good luck. - woody