Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday... Monday...

Hi Coach Steve! Welcome back to the kitchen table! I answered your question in the comment section of yesterday's post.

Woody stumbled across my weight loss blog the other day. Thanks for your words of encouragment Woody! I've shed 15 pounds so far! It's incredible how with even just 15 pounds lost... how good I feel. Imagine carrying around 3-5# bags of potatoes around with you... everywhere... I honestly feel lighter and have so much more energy!

This week is going to be all out pillow crunch time. Are you tired of hearing about pillows?
You should see my living room! It's got piles and piles of pillows. Today, we're going to strap, tag, and bag them and put them away in the trailer.

My little sickie just in...
He's feeling better today. Temp is gone. But he has a sore throat and is white as a ghost! He wants to get on the internet to check out a Goldfish site. It's amazing how a little 7 year old can just jump on the internet!

OK, got to get going! Pillows to sew... calls to make... Pillows to bag... AND pillows to sew!

I love your comments! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Woody said...

Great that the end is in sight for your pillow project and congratulations on the lost 15 pounds. I had a long night at work so catch you later.