Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday... Sunday... Gotta love that day...

Good afternoon friends!

My little guy's sick, running a temp. Poor thing! Rich and I traded off going to church meetings. It worked out OK.

I just got back from a nice walk around town. Oh the birds are just singing away. Sounds so pretty! I love going for walks about an hour before sun set. The sunlight is so pretty at that time casting a soft glow on everything.

The mountain tops are all covered in snow. We still have patches of snow on the ground. Mud season is upon us!!

Hey, I've discovered that I like asparagus! Did I already talk about that? I boil it with some crushed red pepper and garlic. My husband who doesn't like asparagus came into the kitchen wanting to know what smelled so good. Ha... Ha...

Well, I'm off to make my family tacos. Shall I save one for you? Crunchy or soft shell?


coach steve b said...

I love sundays too. Peaceful, calm and lots of birds chirping. But I am sourrounded by houses not mountains. No snow on the ground. The flew is going through the house Sara and Kelsy and now Matt. Sunday afternoon is spent at indoor soccer. Had a great game against the number one team we tied them 5-5. In soccer a tie is a win. You said you took turns at church activities. With out getting to personal I suppose what church? We currently attend a United Methodist church. A ton of youth activities.

Toni said...

Hi Coach Steve! Welcome back! I sure enjoy reading your comments!!!!

My son Aaron must have the flu too. Temperature, headache, achy, tired... Sorry to hear that your kids have all been sick.

Your question about my church affiliation is not too personal. I always wonder which church people belong to when they mention it in thier blog! So thanks for asking.

My grandmother belongs to the United Methodist church in Maine. I grew up as a member of the Congregational Church.

I am now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Here's an official link to the church's website, if you like more information about our beliefs... ect..

That's great that your church has tons of activities for the youth! I have fond memories of my youth group activities! Ski trips... mostly come to mind.