Wednesday, February 02, 2005

No, I didn't get lost!

Where did the day go to? I got right to business this morning and forgot all about my blog entry.

Rich and I had an enjoyable day in the "big" city of Billings, MT. (Don't forget... I'm from Boston!) We had lunch at the Red Lobster, they had the shrimp special on.... oh, so good!

Woody, I'm sorry about your ticket in Buffalo, WY. The town police are very strict about the speed limit. Our town police officer sits at the entry to our little town (where you can go NO faster than 30mph) just waiting to catch unsuspecting out-of-towners. Or in-towners for that matter... who forget...momentarily... where they are!

It's been a productive day here in cowboy town. I'm making my way through sewing up 500+ nursing pillows. Still have lots of sewing to do! We have a large order that is heading back east the end of the month...


Woody said...

Hi Toni! That ticket was deserved, I was doing 64 mph in a 55 zone. And it happened in 1982, and I haven't had a ticket since. We're heading to Fargo, ND on Friday. Doctor appointment for my wife & I shop for groceries and supplies.

Jim Kealing said...

Hi Toni,

Saw you stopped by this morning while I was editing last night's blog and preapring today's blog. Sounds like you had a good time in Billings! I love Billings...the airport on the hill, the view of the City from the hill, the old geological formations up there, and the wide open country. We were up that way a couple of years ago and happened into Little Big Horn on its 125th anniversary. What a surprise! Good luck with the pillows!

Christine said...

My brother and SIL use to live in Billings, so we'd visit now and then.

I didn't know you made nursing pillows! Wow!

I enjoy stopping by a fellow Wyomingite's site. I think I've got a good idea where you're at. (Although I'm sure it would take you long to figure me out, too! ;)